You love your puppy, and you would do anything for them. But sometimes, it can feel difficult merging your style of living with the needs of a dog. While your preference for city living gravitates you towards sleek and stylish apartments, not all of them are equipped to handle pets; some aren’t even dog-friendly!

Fortunately, there are luxury apartments for rent in Calgary that are designed to accommodate your entire family, dogs included, to ensure the transition is seamless. So let’s explore some of the ways you can make apartment living easier on your pup with the help of your new home!

4 Ways To Help Your Puppy Live In An Apartment

Look For A Dog Run

Some apartments claim to be pet-friendly, but it’s the ones that take the extra steps to provide amenities for your pup that really stand out. It can sometimes be difficult to find a green patch for your dog to run around in when you’re living downtown. Fortunately, many luxury apartments will offer dog runs.

Dog runs provide the opportunity for your pup to let off some energy, use the washroom, and socialize with other dogs, all from the comfort of your own home. This can be particularly nice on chilly Canadian winter days, as the idea of wandering the block can be less than appealing.

Organize Doggie Dates

Being left alone during the day while you’re away at work can take a toll on your pup’s mental health. While playing with them once you get home is an excellent first step to stimulating their mind and boosting their spirits, an apartment building can feel isolating to a dog if they don’t have the opportunity to explore their surroundings.

Therefore, consider organizing a playdate with other dogs in your building, allowing them to bond and have friends to play with. Some pet-friendly apartments even host pet events, allowing you to introduce your furry friend to others in your building and giving them a chance to socialize.

Introduce Them To Their Surroundings

Luxury apartments for rent in Calgary are known for their impressive range of amenities. From a rooftop garden terrace to a games room, there is so much to explore. And why should you limit the fun to just yourself? 

Young woman training puppy

Slowly introduce your dog to the different areas around your building, provided they are permitted. A dog can actually feel more confident and self-assured when they explore new spaces and learn how to interact with their surroundings. 

Additionally, if your apartment has a doggie wash station, getting your pup comfortable with it sooner rather than later may help them– and you– in the long run. 

Consider The View

Most luxury apartments feature stunning views and expansive windows. While this is obviously ideal for you, it may deem a bit distracting for your dog. Rather than covering up the views with blinds and drapes, consider lining your windows with plants. That way, you still get to see outside while your pup won’t be overwhelmed by the action below and become a bothersome neighbour.

Consider Your Pet

Ultimately, you know what your dog needs and likes, and will be able to help them adjust to apartment living. However, by choosing a luxury apartment that provides dog-focused amenities, you may find the transition much smoother.

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