Calgary, Alberta, was named the world’s fifth most livable city by the Economist for seven years. This award highlights that Calgary is one of Canada’s most amazing places to live – particularly Downtown.

 Home to more than half a million people, Downtown Calgary has lots to offer residents who want to enjoy the convenience of being close to all the action. The Metropolitan, which is located in the inner city, is part of that action. To say that our residents love living in the Downtown area is an understatement. 

 That may not be enough for some, which is why we have this guide on why Downtown is one of the most awesome places to live in Calgary.  

Why Live in Downtown Calgary 


The Convenience of Being Close To All Amenities & Services 

 Being situated near the heart of Calgary provides residents with the opportunity to access over 1,000 retail stores and 4,000 businesses. That means that anything you want and need is nearby, saving you time and money in transportation. 

 You can go to supermarkets, malls, municipal and government services, and even hospitals and medical centres (hopefully not often). No matter what you’re after, you can find it within the Downtown and inner suburbs. 

 Marvel at the Entertainment

 Downtown and inner-city Calgary is home to a wealth of marvellous entertainment centres that can open your diverse and multicultural mindset. 

 Take in the likes of Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, The New Gallery, Studio Bell, National Music Centre and see some of Canada’s most in-demand artwork and performances. 

 You can also experience The Grand or at the Vertigo Theatre, home to a wide range of thrilling and engaging shows. Or climb to the top of the Calgary Tower and see the whole region from its highest point (in Downtown, of course).

 Finally, shop until you drop at the CORE Shopping Centre, which is connected to the +15 – meaning no walking in the snow for you! 

 Walk/Travel to Popular Districts

 Calgary’s Downtown area is fabulous because it is close to a series of “districts” that house entertainment, restaurants, bars, pubs, and so much. Of course, we’re referring to the likes of Bridgeland, Renfrew, Kensington, Inglewood and Marda Loop. 

 You’re only ever a few minutes away from these areas, travelling there by public transport, Uber, Lime or a pleasant stroll. These vibrant districts have some of the city’s best festivals and activities, and you’ll be close to them at all times. 

 Being close to all these amenities, entertainment centers, and districts reduces your travel costs, saving you time – allowing you to do more of the things you love. 

 (Need a checklist to move into The Metropolitan? Take a look at our guide here)

 Embracing a Healthier & Walkable Lifestyle 

 Those that live out in the suburbs might find themselves struggling with the daily commute. They spend hours on the road, spend excessive money on transportation or fuel and miss out on too much that life has to offer. 

 Living at The Metropolitan, near Downtown Calgary removes all these hassles and problems, promoting a walkable lifestyle. Downtown Calgary and many of its surrounding areas, such as Eau Claire, Sunnyside, Lower Mount Royal, Inglewood and the Beltline, are super accessible and the most walkable communities in the city. 

East Downtown Calgary Summer Sunset Aerial

You’ll be able to walk, jog or run down to your local cafe or restaurant, gym, and even work. The freedom that comes with being closer to everything saves you time and money while getting you fitter and healthier. 

 More Natural Than People Think

 Many tend to think that Downtown living means being in a concrete jungle – that’s not the case at all in Calgary. 

 Our city is known for its luscious outdoor green spaces and parks, providing residents with an array of different leisure and recreational activities. 

 You can walk down to the Bow and Elbow River to ride a canoe down it, stroll through Prince’s Island Park and St. Patrick’s Island, explore Olympic Plaza or Central Memorial Park, and when the time is right, see the Stampede Grounds in their full beauty. 

 You’ll have access to a wealth of different pathways, bike paths and hiking trails around the area, giving you a wealth of beautiful natural scenery. 

 Diverse Districts & Activities

 Canada is known for its multicultural society – and Calgary is no exception. 

Strolling through Downtown will open you up to the vibrant streetscape of different cultures, festivals and events. You’ll eat food that you’ve never had before, partake in events that are completely different and open your world up to marvellous cultures.

 From Spanish to Portuguese, from Vietnamese to Japanese, you’ll find yourself in a mix of a diverse and thriving city. 

 Property Appreciation 

 Whether you are buying a house, thinking about living at The Metropolitan, or renting out a 1-bedroom apartment to others, you can expect the value of your property to increase as the years go on. 

 Land and property near Calgary’s Downtown or inner-city areas are always in high demand for their location, amenities and high level of convenience. If you ever sell your property, expect to have more money back in your pocket by the end of it!  

Buy Or Your Rent An Apartment in Downtown Calgary Today  

 Are you thinking about switching over to a Downtown lifestyle in Calgary sometime soon? If the opportunity presents itself and there are apartments for rent in Calgary Downtown, then take it. You’ll marvel and enjoy the beauty of everything that Downtown Calgary has to offer for you and your family. 

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