There are apartments and then there apartments like The Metropolitan


The former are considered ‘everyday, conventional’ rental options, while the latter are luxury apartments for rent where your everyday habits and needs are met. 

And before you think that’s it’s all about the money, it’s not; it’s much more in-depth and personal than that. 

In this blog post, we look at the key differences between regular apartments and luxury apartments like The Metropolitan.

Key Aspects of Regular & Luxury Apartments for Rent in Calgary 

Quality Building & Materials 

What elevates a property from regular to luxury? It’s the comfort and quality of the interior, guaranteeing that it lasts for years with minimal upgrades or maintenance. We’re talking about the quality of flooring, windows, appliances and materials.

With luxury apartments, you can expect a higher quality of living. The Metropolitan, for example, offers stainless steel kitchen appliances and quartz kitchen countertops, hardwood and tile laminate flooring, top brand in-suite washer and dryer and of course, high-speed internet access. There are also non-obstructed views and a private balcony, and options for both unfurnished and apartments for rent, so you can adjust the home to your lifestyle. 

Regular apartments might still offer these amenities, but the quality isn’t as high and won’t be as good. You’ll most likely have to upgrade or update these little things as time goes on. 

The Amenities Within the Building

The second key factor in comparing luxury and regular apartments is the amenities on offer. Traditional apartments might include standard amenities, such as power back-up, or a functional gymnasium, but there are no guarantees.

On the other hand, luxury apartments offer a wide range of amenities for your comfort because you’re paying for them. Consider what The Metropolitan has on offer. 

You’ll be spoiled for choice with options including roof-top private areas, game and theatre rooms, 24/7 fitness and gym studios and many other delightful factors. The building is also pet-friendly, offering dog-washing stations and come with underground parking and bike storage. 

Overall, it all depends on the building and what they offer. But it does make a living in these establishments more luxurious than ever. 

High-End Security Systems

You can expect surveillance cameras, security card access, pin pads and security as part of living in luxury apartments in Calgary. All of these high-end security features are part of the deal, ensuring you have protection in your building at all times.

Conventional apartments don’t usually have such an in-depth level of security but still have a few layers to secure your home. 

Concierge & Maintenance Services

Don’t you love it when you have a service team ready to help you at a moment’s notice? Concierge and maintenance services are part of the deal when renting luxury apartments

You’ll have a friendly operator ready to assist you with any requirements or requests you have for your apartment while guiding you with the latest events happening around Downtown. The same applies to maintenance; expect quality repairs when you need them. 

Conventional apartments, on the other hand, offer standard maintenance services but rarely will provide in-depth support and concierge services that luxury properties do. 

Location & Neighbourhood

Regular apartments are recognized for being located in newly-formed or old-school neighbourhoods. While you can still find them in inner-city areas, living in popular circles means paying a high cost on rent and amenities. 

Luxury apartments, on the other hand, are located in niche neighbourhoods that attract a defined clientele. Take, for instance, apartments in Downtown Calgary; they’re designed for professionals in the city that want to be close to work, enjoy a convenient lifestyle and be part of the city’s exciting offerings. 

The Metropolitan offers the best luxury apartments for rent in Calgary. Located in the Beltline neighborhood, our apartments blend the energy of the city with the comfort of luxury living. Our living spaces encompass convenience and comfort, including gourmet kitchens, stainless steel appliances, high-speed fibre optic internet and hardwood-style and ceramic tile flooring. We offer various world-class amenities, including state-of-the-art gym and fitness studios, entertainment lounges and rooms, pet-friendly living, monthly events, and secured and heated underground parking. With unfurnished and furnished living spaces, available as both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for rent in downtown Calgary, we have unique floor plans for everyone. Schedule a tour of the best apartments for rent in downtown Calgary by calling us at (403) 228-6380.

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